Mario Sánchez Moreno

People & projects for the common good

Digital Business – eLearning – Startups

Member of Alphai

Helping people to “eLearn”. Fostering professional evolution

Main collaborating companies and organizations

Career path and key projects

Skills and Values

I’m always in search for opportunities to learn and evolve, with the support and teachings of others, and from the answers within

  • To create and drive initiatives that transform ideas into projects by gathering people and resources for a common goal
  • To find the common good, with respect and generosity towards others
  • To be a supportive, dependable and honest mentor and partner in projects
  • To find meaning, by being positive, not judgemental
  • To expand initiatives globally, connecting people and multicultural environments
  • To generate and share with others the abundance of infinite initiatives
  • To collaborate by being receptive to cooperation with others and towards their teachings

Resume summary

CEO&Co-founder of Start&Up America LLC. supporting companies and institutions to develop Hypermedia-elearning based on interactive videos and content. Mentor & Investor of the platform alpha.i. Expert in Digital Economy & E-Learning. Member of the IESE network of Private Investors and Family Office and AEBAN (Spanish Association of Business Angels). Director of the program on E-Commerce from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and its Virtual Community. Certified E-Learning Tutor of the IDB and the ConnectAmericas platform coordinating the MOOC courses in English and Tutoring in Spanish. Certified in Teaching Methodology & E-Learning. Member of UNESCO Chair at the University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid). Professional Experience: 29 years of working experience in the context of international trade, over 20 years within the private sector, and residing for 8 years in England, Sweden and Mexico. Director of Strategy& Intelligence at the High Council of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce for 7 years. Education: Masters in European Affairs, University of Lund (Sweden). International Consultancy at Harvard (US) and Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Postgraduate in Social Media & Digital Business.

Current professional activity

Mentor & Investor for the platform alpha.i, Member of the IESE Network of Private Investors and Family Office and AEBAN (Spanish Association of Business Angels)


Creation and audiovisual production of training and educational programmes


Co-founder & Investor in a new company as Certified Investor from a country with Free Trade Treaty with US

Creation and production of HYPERMEDIA-VIDEO for E-learning and MOOCs as well as E-commerce, Content and Corporate Marketing

Training and teaching resources on subjects related to the Digital Economy


Instructional video content


Educational videos including Training for Teacher-Speakers, production of digital content and education management by International Certified eLearning experts

MOOCs in English and Spanish



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